Speaking of political will, on March 14, the San Rafael Planning Commission upheld the Zoning Administrator’s decision to approve transitional housing at the Dominican Sisters’ Our Lady of Lourdes Convent. Rejecting an appeal from a few neighbors, the Commission approved conversion of 1,995 sq. ft. of existing space within the convent to a separate residential unit for two single mothers, each of whom has two young children ages 2 – 8. The occupants are “graduating” from Homeward Bound’s program. MEHC supports environmentally friendly affordable housing. This new unit has a tiny impact on the earth, as it is a sustainable reuse of an underutilized building. MEHC is proud to support transitional housing at Our Lady of Lourdes Convent.

LATE BREAKING NEWS:  At 4:55 pm on Tuesday March 21, with 5 minutes to spare, the appellant APPEALED the Planning Commission ruling. We will let you know when the City Council schedules its public hearing.