traffic-housing-jobsIs housing a problem? Or a solution?

jobs not housing cause traffic

Does your candidate think that housing is part of the traffic problem, or part of the solution?

Traffic is getting worse and worse. What are the candidates for the Marin Board of Supervisors going to do about it?

62% of the people who work in Marin live in other counties. That’s 68,000 workers traveling into, and later out of, the county every single working day of the year! Is it any wonder 101, 580, and 37 are jammed? Most of these folks drive alone, making our carbon footprint even worse.

Why do so many in our workforce live in other counties? Because they can’t afford to live here – most jobs in Marin pay less than $40,000 per year.

Some candidates say building housing for people who work here will create more traffic. That doesn’t make sense!

Jobs, not housing, cause most of the traffic problem. Between 2010 and 2014 Marin added 7000 jobs, and the in-commuters increased by 6000 workers. During the same period we built fewer than 600 homes.

If we built affordable housing close to jobs, we could slow traffic growth. It’s that simple.

We need leaders who will face up to the connection between traffic and the lack of affordable workforce housing. Ask the candidates: “What will you do to bring affordable workforce housing to Marin?”

Press for real answers.

Housing is not the problem, and saying so is a misguided political tactic that is diminishing the quality of life for people who live in Marin, and those who work here.

MEHC says, if they work for us, they should be able to live with us.