vote-housing10 reasons to VOTE for a County Supervisor who supports environmentally friendly affordable housing…

  1. Almost 27,000lower-income Marin households spend more than 30% of their income on housing.
  2. The single largest source ofgreenhouse gas emissions is transportation. Our lack of affordable housing is a major factor.
  3. 68,000 people commute from other counties to work lower-wage jobs in Marin because they can’t afford to live here. Supporting affordable housing close to jobs and transit will help reduce commuters, greenhouse gas emissions and traffic.
  4. Our population is the oldest in the Bay Area.Young people — including our kids starting families — can’t afford to live here, even if they grew up here.
  5. Our kids’ teachers can’t afford to live here, and our schools are having trouble hiring.
  6. We deny housing opportunity by zoning too much land for retail and office uses, and not enough for low-rise multi-family homes for working people. Policy decisions can address this imbalance. Marin is one of the most racially and ethnically segregated counties in California as a result of our policies.
  7. Many seniors in Marin are house-rich and cash-poor. They have trouble making ends meet, and they need more affordable housing options in order to age in their own community.
  8. Housing doesn’t create traffic, jobs do. County policies could encourage employers to consider a housing plan when they create a hiring plan.
  9. We can’t build all of the affordable housing that’s needed, but we must do what we can.

Marin must take a stand for JUSTICE, not “just us.”

MEHC says Marin’s elected officials need to reflect our commitment to doing the right thing for our seniors, our young people, our service workers, teachers, healthcare aides and other lower wage earners, our diversity as a community, and our environment.

Elections matter.
Policies matter.
People matter.